Ways to Burn Fat Without Supplements

Ways to Burn Fat Without Supplements

Body weight is crucial to a person’s self-image and self-esteem. A number of people who struggle with body weight also struggle with their self-esteem. Such people engage in various activities in hopes of losing the excess fat.

Other people drain their financial resources as they buy one supplement after another. They do this in hope that the supplements will help them to shed the extra fat. This can make you end up broke and frustrated when these supplements fail to help them achieve their ideal weight. The good news is that there are some other ways one can burn the excess fat without using the supplements.

Fasted Training

Ways to Burn Fat Without SupplementsFasted training means, exercising when the insulin level in the blood is low or at its normal level. Immediately after eating, the blood sugar increases as the process of food absorption occurs. At this moment when insulin is high, the process of burning fat does not occur. Therefore, even if you exercise, you are likely to use the energy produced by the recently processed food instead of burning fat.

Training in the fasted state when the insulin levels are low increases the process of burning fat. According to some experts and trainers, during the fasted state, the blood flow to the abdominal areas is usually increased. This leads to more breakdown of fats around the belly area.

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly is an excellent way to lose weight without dieting. When you eat fast, the brain takes longer to register satiation which leads one to overeat. However, when one slows down their rate of eating, savoring each bite, the brain registers satiation faster. This helps one to eat fewer amounts of calories.

Take More Vegetables in every Meal

Increase the ratio of vegetables in all your meals. Vegetables contain fiber, which is not stored in the body. Therefore, eating more vegetable in every meal makes one reduce the number of calorie intake. This also involves cutting down on meals that are have saturated fat and calorie. Some of these meals include fries, bacon and such.

Reduce the amount of sugar intake

Ways to Burn Fat Without SupplementsSome people are addicted to taking sugar, concentrated drinks such as soft drinks. In the quest to shed the excess fat, one should reduce and if possible stop taking the soft drinks, energy drinks and the sugary sports drinks. These drinks contain high calories, which end up being stored in the body.

Engage In a Physically Engaging Hobby

In this digital generation, it is common to engage in hobbies such as online gaming, chatting, playing poker, watching football and so on. These kinds of activities are not physically engaging and also encourage one to snack more frequently. These activities result in an increase in body weight.

Instead, one should take up a physically engaging hobby. Such a hobby could be playing football instead of just watching the game. Swimming could also help one lose the excess fat. One could also come up with a schedule in which one can be taking regular walks or jogging at a certain time of the day.


Another relatively new method to burn the excess fat without using supplements is Reflexology. Even if this method doesn’t have a lot of scientific backing, it has become very popular in the present day. The practitioners identify certain pressure points on the foot. They use these pressure points to trigger certain responses in the body which induce weight loss.

Therefore, give your finances a break and take to an alternative that will help you achieve your ideal weight. This will result in improved health and self- image.

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