Water Softening Health Benefits: Review and Guide

Data has it that approximately 80% of the families in the US use hard water. Hard water is the water that contains certain minerals such as calcium and magnesium. With the current influx of information, most people are aware of the benefits of using clean drinking water. However, not many people know the benefits of using soft water.

1. Healthier and Softer Hair

Water Softening Health BenefitsHard water forms soap curd with soap and shampoo. The soap curd reduces the quality of hair by compromising its texture. This sometimes results in the loss of hair when one is trying to brush the hair. However, when one showers using soft water, the hair feels softer and its health is not compromised.

2. Softer Skin and the Best Water Softener Option

Hard water, soap curds leave the skin feeling dry. This reduces the general appeal of the skin, making it look less attractive. On the other hand, soft water leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. This makes you feel refreshed after a shower and more appealing. Owning a water softener can often be a complicated issue with maintenance the biggest issue. There are so many different types of softeners on the market that you can look at with different features and difference in function and operation. My personal prefference is the Aquasana EQ-SS20  that even some water softener reviews blog claim that it take the pain out of owning a water softener which I have to agree with as it both powerful and easy to use.

3. Saves you on money

Water Softening Health BenefitsHard water takes longer to lather with shampoo, detergents or soap. Thus, one uses more soap and detergent which eventually leads to a higher cost. With the current economic times, most people are looking for ways to save on expenses. Therefore, one way to save on expenses is to use soft water. When one is able to save on cost, it helps to reduce the stress related to budgeting which eventually leads to increased wellness.

4. Fabric Appears Brighter and Lasts Longer

The minerals contained in hard water reacts with soap, leaving certain deposits on your fabric doing laundry. These deposits compromise on the general appearance of the fabric. White fabric starts to fade and reduce its attractiveness. The deposits also reduce the quality of the fabric and thereby its longevity. However, soft water doesn’t affect the appearance of the fabric and keeps your bright clothes looking bright.

This by itself affects the well-being of a person by increasing the stress levels of a person. According to experts of social behavior, it is said that how a person looks affects how they feel. Therefore, wearing a cloth which is dull and its quality has been compromised could end up contributing to a person’s emotional well-being.

5. Less Time and Effort Cleaning

Water Softening Health BenefitsSoft water lathers easily with soap which means it is easy to clean using soft water. This reduces the energy and time spent in cleaning the house. This helps to increase a person’s health by decreasing the energy used in cleaning.

6. Your Appliances Will Last Longer

Hard water compromises the longevity of most home appliances. Such appliances include shower caps, water heaters, dishwashers, and others. This ensures that most of the appliances in your home look shiny and appealing. Living in a clean environment improves a person’s well-being by enhancing their mood disposition.


Soft water has numerous benefits around the house. Other than saving you on the money you will use and improve the longevity and appearance of your appliances it will also improve the well-being of a person.

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