What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These Days

What Fitness Apps Are Most Trending These Days?

You do not necessarily need to attend fitness classes in order to maintain a healthy body. It is possible for you to develop personal training schedules which will be suitable and convenient for you. Currently, different apps have been developed to enhance individuals to engage in fitness practices. These apps are compatible with different mobile devices such smartphones or tablets. Therefore, they can be used at any place and at any time without any chances of inconvenience.

Different Fitness Apps commonly used Today

With the amount of time that you spend daily on your phone, you can seek to benefit from it through installing different fitness apps. These apps will help you to lead a healthier as well as a happier life. These include:

1) Couch to 5K

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis is an app than allows you to make regular running schedules to enhance your body fitness. The app allows you to create eight-week programs with different workouts per week or per every three weeks. It outlines the practices that should be carried out during the running schedules and the intensity that should be emphasized as the programs advance.

2) Zoombies, Run!

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis app integrates running for physical fitness with fun. It enhances you to effect running in your daily activities such as attending the market, playgrounds, and other places while running at different speeds. The app comes with missions such as different tasks allocated to you by the military base such as collecting different materials from the camp and ensuring human safety from zombies’ attacks.

Therefore, you have to be fast in order to accomplish your mission. At the same time, you need to be geared in order to accomplish different tasks. While trying to accomplish this, you benefit through different physical activities.

3) Fitnet

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThe app contains different workout programs. These include 5-10 minute exercises with different activities. Also, the app connects with the camera so as to enhance recording of the activities that are taken every scheduled time. Therefore, it allows you to set different targets for your physical fitness.

4) Runkeeper

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysWith runkeeper app, you can use your device’s GPS to log the running pace and distance that you take through different routes. The app notifies you when you increase pace and when you exceed or limit the previous distances covered. With its music-running integration, the app keeps you in the moods to run an extra mile and at an extra pace.

5) Srava Running and Cycling GPS

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis app also connects with device’s GPS in order to track the distance as well as the pace used while running or cycling. It challenges you to increase pace through encouraging you as per the pace that you are on.

6) Argus

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis app monitors sleep behavior, the pulse rate, body calories, and other aspects. Therefore, it keeps you within the limit by notifying you when you are about to cross the limitations. The app recommends exercises or other practices that you should take in order to correct the situation.


There are numerous fitness apps available today. Most of these apps can be downloaded and installed for free from the App Market or from Google Play. Since there are numerous apps-compatible devices today, it is easily possible to benefit from these apps in order to keep our bodies fit.

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