What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at Home

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at Home?

Storing your gun in a gun safe safeguards it from access by the kids and from burglary. At the same time, it allows you to quickly access your gun during emergency cases. However, the location where you install a gun safe is important in ensuring protection and quick access.

Different Places to Install Gun Safe at Home

Before deciding on where to install a gun safe, it is important to determine factors such as accessibility and safety as well as size, color, and the shape of gun safe. There are many different aspects to keep in mind when choosing a gun safe so we advice for you to read about the best gun safes to make sure you make the right choice. There are also factors to consider when it comes to material and thickness which is important. This list of gun safe reviews contains some of the best gun safes available for different uses so I recommend that you read well over it and send in your questions if you have any to make the choice easy for you. This will enhance you to properly ensure your security and that of your property as well as the safety of your gun.

1) Under the Bed

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeBurglary, robbery, and attacks by wild animals normally take place more times during the nighttime than during the daytime. Therefore, many people prefer fitting their gun safe under the bed.

This enhances easy and quick access of the gun once an individual detects sounds or movement inside the house. However, under the bed location is only limited to small-size gun safes which can fit between the bed edges and between the bed and the floor.

2) The Home Office

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeMostly, home offices are limited to access by children and visitors. Therefore, it presents an effective location to fit a gun safe and to ensure the safety of your gun. It is a secure place where you can input the pin or the fingerprints without fear of unintended view.

Sometimes, individuals prefer storing the guns inside the drawers in their home office desks. However, for effective safety of the gun, ensure that you install a gun safe. Also, lock the home office to prevent others from learning where you always hide your gun.

3) Basement

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeThe basement provides a safe place to install a gun safe. This might be in the bedroom, sitting room, dining room, or any other place in the house. Preferably, you may consider installing the gun safe in a place covered by a carpet, tiles, or a rug.

This will help to cover the area which was dismantled during the installation process. Therefore, burglars, children, or even the visitors cannot easily suspect about the location of the gun safe. However, ensure that the place is easy to access in case of emergency security demands.

4) In the Wall

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeIn-wall gun safe fitting is the most common way to install a gun safe at home. It caters for factors such as easy installation, easy access, and gun safety enhancement. Mostly, gun safes come with measurements which should be used while cutting the wall and fitting them inside.

Thus, this makes the task easy. At the same time, others are easily customized to suit the color or designation of the wall. This prevents chances of unintended view by burglars, children, or the visitors.


Normally, it is advisable to decide on where to install a gun safe and to install it prior to buying a gun. This enhances you to buy and hide your gun without the notice of your children or visitors. Burglars may break into any house in search of guns or gun safes. Having a safe location to install your gun safe is the best way to ensure your security and that of your gun at home.

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