Major Facts about World Health Organization (WHO)

Major Facts about World Health Organization (WHO)

World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a major branch of the United Nations whose major responsibility is to focus on public health. WHO has been very instrumental in the promotion of health and contributing to health policies across its member states.

Since its inception, it has taken great strides in the reduction and eradication of certain diseases. For example, its efforts led to the eradication of smallpox, whose last reported case was in 1979 in East Africa. Another major success in its quest is the increase in general life expectancy from 48 in 1995 to approximately 69 by the year 1985.

Historical Facts

Major Facts about World Health Organization (WHO)WHO was established in the year 1946 with a membership of sixty one countries. By then the member countries were referred to the League of Nations. They held their first meeting in the year 1948. Currently they have a membership of 194 countries and is headed by Margaret Chan as the director general.

In 1974 the WHO implemented immunization of children against polio, measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis and tetanus. This was geared towards the adoption of advanced medical technology in the promotion of children’s health.

In 1979, WHO in collaboration with UNICEF held a conference in Alma-Alta. Among the many resolutions, one of the resolutions that has had an impact even in the way disease prevention is carried out currently is the adoption of lay health workers. These workers were to monitor disease from the grassroots, especially in the rural areas. In 1980, WHO in a quest to promote the health of expectant mothers set out on a campaign against acute respiratory infections. This led to a great decrease in mortality rate.

In 1982, WHO adopted a strategy to empower the people on ways to improve their communication. This was in an effort to promote people’s awareness on health issues so that they can be empowered to make an informed decision regarding their own health. This strategy has helped in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Governing Components

Major Facts about World Health Organization (WHO)The WHO is divided into three sections, namely the health assembly, the executive board and the secretariat. The health assembly is the governing body of the organization. It convenes its meeting yearly meeting in Geneva every May. Its major role is on coming up with the policies and planning about the budget . The assembly also has the responsibility of appointing the director general every five years.


The main headquarters of the organization is in Geneva, Switzerland. It also has regional headquarters distributed across the continents.

  • Europe region- Copenhagen
  • Eastern Mediterranean- Cairo, Egypt
  • South East Asia- Harare
  • Africa- Harare, Zimbabwe
  • America- Washington, DC

Some of the major health concerns by WHO include:

  • The campaign to reduce and possibly eradicate communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Zika Virus and such.
  • Prevention and reduction of communicable diseases.
  • Promotion of mental health by raising awareness of the various types of mental disorders prevalent and how they can be cured and managed.
  • Reduction of maternal deaths so as to promote children’s health
  • Provision of safe water and clean sanitation
  • Provision of adequate food supply and healthy nutrition.


WHO is also involved in the publication of world health report and the world health survey. These publications are effective in informing the readers and the health sector on what successes the organization has achieved in the promotion of health. It has also partnered with approximately 470 other Non-governmental organization. Some of those organizations include Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and Rockefeller foundation.

Donald Trump Says For Cuban People

Donald Trump Says For Cuban People

When Castro seized power in Cuba in 1959, therein marked the genesis of a frosty relationship between the US and Cuba. In 1960, Castro nationalized the private businesses and did not compensate the investors who were mostly Americans. From then on, the relationship between Havana and Washington was an antagonistic one except a time of détente under Obama (more so his last two years in office).

World leaders and the global community reacted to the death of Fidel Castro through a combination of celebration and grief. In particular, the exiled Cubans in Florida had a good time of celebration. Being a neighbor to the USA, it goes without saying that the issue of Cuba would feature prominently during the campaign.

Trump During the Campaign

Donald Trump Says For Cuban PeopleFrom the onset of his campaign, Trump expressed his frustration with Obama’s policy of reaching out to Cuba. He felt that the leadership in Cuba did not deserve the “rewards and incentives” that Obama was giving out. According to the Trump campaign, there was a need to revisit the changes and assess their impact more so in the long run.

The concessions that were made by the Obama administration were done through executive orders. Obama was keen to make sure that the changes made were irreversible. During the 2016 presidential campaigns, political analysts moved in to study how irreversible the Obama’s policies were.

And the general consensus was: if Obama would mend the relationship between Cuba and USA through executive orders, there is no reason why the incoming president would not define the relationship with Cuba through executive orders. In other words, Trump would still reverse the gains made.

Donald Trump and his Comments on the Death of Fidel Castro

Donald Trump was blatant that the years of diplomatic relationship between Cuba and the US will not be recovered. However, he seemed to soften his stand on Cuba especially with the death of Fidel Castro. He offered his condolences to the Cuban people and more so the Castro’s family.

But he also signified that this was a new era for Cuba and pledged that the American government would do the best of its ability in order to help the people of Cuba.

Raul Castro

Raul Castro was handpicked by Fidel Castro in order to push the agenda of the Cuban regime. Fidel would trust Raul in the leadership. Much as Raul was loyal to Fidel Castro, he was different altogether.

For example, Raul Castro is more tolerant to criticism. In addition to that, he is more open to the prospects of a different Cuba as well as reforms. He has a softer sand with the US, unlike Fidel Castro who would spend a lot of time with what he called the “the empire”


Donald Trump, in his campaign, made a lot of promises, just like any other leader running for office. However, running a campaign is one stage, implementing the promises is another thing altogether. It will be interesting to see how he relates to Havana. For example, it will be important to see his policy with Havana and how the two countries can reach atonement.


Water Softening Health Benefits: Review and Guide

Data has it that approximately 80% of the families in the US use hard water. Hard water is the water that contains certain minerals such as calcium and magnesium. With the current influx of information, most people are aware of the benefits of using clean drinking water. However, not many people know the benefits of using soft water.

1. Healthier and Softer Hair

Water Softening Health BenefitsHard water forms soap curd with soap and shampoo. The soap curd reduces the quality of hair by compromising its texture. This sometimes results in the loss of hair when one is trying to brush the hair. However, when one showers using soft water, the hair feels softer and its health is not compromised.

2. Softer Skin and the Best Water Softener Option

Hard water, soap curds leave the skin feeling dry. This reduces the general appeal of the skin, making it look less attractive. On the other hand, soft water leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. This makes you feel refreshed after a shower and more appealing. Owning a water softener can often be a complicated issue with maintenance the biggest issue. There are so many different types of softeners on the market that you can look at with different features and difference in function and operation. My personal prefference is the Aquasana EQ-SS20  that even some water softener reviews blog claim that it take the pain out of owning a water softener which I have to agree with as it both powerful and easy to use.

3. Saves you on money

Water Softening Health BenefitsHard water takes longer to lather with shampoo, detergents or soap. Thus, one uses more soap and detergent which eventually leads to a higher cost. With the current economic times, most people are looking for ways to save on expenses. Therefore, one way to save on expenses is to use soft water. When one is able to save on cost, it helps to reduce the stress related to budgeting which eventually leads to increased wellness.

4. Fabric Appears Brighter and Lasts Longer

The minerals contained in hard water reacts with soap, leaving certain deposits on your fabric doing laundry. These deposits compromise on the general appearance of the fabric. White fabric starts to fade and reduce its attractiveness. The deposits also reduce the quality of the fabric and thereby its longevity. However, soft water doesn’t affect the appearance of the fabric and keeps your bright clothes looking bright.

This by itself affects the well-being of a person by increasing the stress levels of a person. According to experts of social behavior, it is said that how a person looks affects how they feel. Therefore, wearing a cloth which is dull and its quality has been compromised could end up contributing to a person’s emotional well-being.

5. Less Time and Effort Cleaning

Water Softening Health BenefitsSoft water lathers easily with soap which means it is easy to clean using soft water. This reduces the energy and time spent in cleaning the house. This helps to increase a person’s health by decreasing the energy used in cleaning.

6. Your Appliances Will Last Longer

Hard water compromises the longevity of most home appliances. Such appliances include shower caps, water heaters, dishwashers, and others. This ensures that most of the appliances in your home look shiny and appealing. Living in a clean environment improves a person’s well-being by enhancing their mood disposition.


Soft water has numerous benefits around the house. Other than saving you on the money you will use and improve the longevity and appearance of your appliances it will also improve the well-being of a person.

Three Arms of the US Government

The Three Arms of the US Government

The structure of the US government was conceived in 1787. By then, the nation leaders met to agree on the formula that would ensure that any US government would not abuse the powers. In addition to that, there was a need to guarantee the individual liberties. The then nation leaders concluded that the only way these two things (and others) would be achieved was through the separation of powers through the three arms of the government.

There are three arms of the US government:

  1. the Executive
  2. the legislative
  3. the judiciary

The Executive

Three Arms of the US GovernmentThe executive is administered by the President of the United States. Once the legislature passes laws, it is the executive which is tasked with enforcing them. The president of the US is elected by American citizens who must be eighteen.

A critical component of electing the president is the Electoral College system. States are awarded electoral votes subject to their number of representatives and their senators. A presidential candidate can win the popular vote and still not win the president, as it happened to Hillary Clinton.

The vice president helps the president in his day to day work. The vice president is also a presiding officer of the senate. However, he does not vote except in a situation where there is a tie.

The Legislative

Three Arms of the US GovernmentThe legislative arm of the US government as also known as congress and it is a bi-cameral model consisting of the House of Representatives and the senate. It is mandated with the formulation of the laws.

The US has 100 senators, each of the state has two senators. Another component of the legislative arm of the government is the House of Representatives. Their main task is to make decisions about certain ideas and if such ideas should be developed into laws.

The US government has over 435 representatives. What determines how many representatives a state should have is its population. For example, California will obviously have more representatives than Rhode Island. It is worth noting that both the representatives as well as the senators are elected positions.

The Judiciary

Three Arms of the US GovernmentThe main components of the judiciary are the 9 justices as well as the Supreme Court. They are mandated to make a hearing of cases, subject to the constitution. It is worth noting that the Supreme Court clarifies if a certain issue is constitutional or not constitutional. In case of federal cases, the court has lower courts which are located in specific states.

At the core of the judiciary is the principle that each person has the right to a fair court hearing and trial. Justices do not go through a political process in order to continue serving. Thus, they are in a position to work impartially without external influence.


The three arms of the government work through two main ways- collaboration and through the checks and balances. All the three arms of government sit from their main headquarters located in Washington DC. Overall, the three arms of the government work through checking powers within each other.

Health Benefits of Using Massage Chair

Health Benefits of Using Massage Chair

The American Pain Society has highlighted the importance of using the message chair due to the health benefits that it carries. Consequently, you ought to invest in a high quality massage chair for both your short term and long term health needs.

Massage Chair: Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Using Massage ChairThere are numerous health benefits of using a massage chair. To start with, it is very crucial in the alleviation of chronic pain. In particular, a therapist may use a massage chair in order to work on the sore muscle or a strained muscle. Thus, if you invest in a motorized massage chair, it is as good as visiting a professional therapist.

Second, a massage chair aids in relaxation and helps in maintaining good posture. This is because it does specific targeting of the muscles. In fact, when the muscles are relaxing, the correction of any imbalance takes place. This also helps the body to improve its mobility. If you are looking to buy a good massage chair reading massage chair comparison is important part in choosing the right massage chair for you as there are so many options to choose from ranging from size and features. If you are looking for something for back pain or just to relax after a long day work you will need to look into different features. Where are you going to place the chair, does size matter here? Please read on to learn more.

In particular, people who are working in an office should find a massage chair more relevant. This is because such jobs require one sitting position for long. One should bear in mind that the more one grows older, the more difficult it is to correct posture.

Third, using a massage chair helps in reducing stress. It should be noted that our busy schedule translate to fatigue and other conditions such as heart disease. Stress has a negative effect on the psychological as well as mental wellbeing of a human being. In addition to that, reducing stress is important in controlling the blood pressure.

Lastly, a massage chair is known to boost your energy. Just the way man needs sleep for renewed energy, it is vital to use a massage chair in order to boost energy. The rationale is that the massage chair relaxes worn out muscles. Consequently, it will help you to boost your productivity.

Other Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Using Massage ChairOther health benefits of a massage chair include the following:

  • Boosting one’s immune system
  • Promoting body circulation
  • Improving your digestion
  • Headache relief

Research Studies: Notable Examples

University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University in Florida, the Touch Research Institute carried out a study in May 1999. A group of 30 adults who were suffering from hypertension received 30 minutes of massage each, in afternoons and early evenings. This was done twice a week in a five week period. Generally, it was found that the massage lead to the reduction of anxiety as well as stress levels


It is advisable that you ignore price as a factor when buying a massage chair. This is because this product is a lifelong investment for your health. All the same, be careful about the adverts that are ran by salesmen. The salesmen are doing their job- and they want you to buy a product at all cost. Do your own research concerning the specific features that will fit your health objectives. If need be, seek the opinion of a health professional on the type of massage chair that will give you optimal value for your health.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater A tankless water heater allows you to warm and store hot water for different purposes at home. Mainly, water from a tankless water heater is used for showering among other domestic functions at home.

With a tankless water heater, you can ensure continuous supply of hot water to refill your hot tub or the whirlpool. Normally, this equipment is easily mounted on the wall and preferably on a higher ground to ensure easy flow of water without relying on pumping pressure. What are the Benefits of Tankless Water Heater?

With a tankless water heater, you can enjoy continuous hot water without any limitation. The equipment is easy to install, use, and maintain for a very long duration. Many families have considered installing the equipment to serve them in their water heating purposes. The following are some of the benefits associated with tankless water heater:

1) Energy Efficiency and Eco-friendly

A tankless water heater is among the recent home technologies designed to enhance energy efficiency. With an electric tankless water heater, you can save up to 30-50% of the electric energy used. Where natural gas or propane is used to heat water, 100% of electric energy is successfully saved.

Therefore, a tankless water heater enables you to design your home as an environment friendly home which is opposed to energy and resources depletion. This is important for the environment and for the sustainable development. At the same time, it enhances you to prevent high energy bills monthly or annually.

2) Safe and Clean Method of Water Heating

Benefits of Tankless Water HeaterA tankless water heater heats water in schedules. As soon as the heated water is utilized, the equipment allows in another different volume of water which is efficiently heated as well before utilization. Therefore, the equipment does not collect heated water in one big take. This is clean and safe from rusting, scale, and development of odors.

Also, tankless water heater is designed in way that the water passing through it cannot reach its faucet. Therefore, if you are using electric energy, it is safe to control the movement of water through the faucet without fear of electric shocks.

3) Durable and Reliable

The current tankless water heater can last for as long as 25 years of full utilization. At the same time, they require minimum repair and maintenance practices throughout the utilization period. Thus, this provides you with peace of mind since you do not need frequent fix-ups of the water system at your home.

At the same time, most tankless water heaters come with over 10 years warranty. This proves that they are deemed to be long lasting and effective. Thus, you can count on them for a long service duration at your home.


There is a couple of benefits which are associated with tankless water heater. These benefits range from energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, and to durability. With this effective equipment, can control the wastage of energy that is used to heat water regularly at home it will enhance you to cut your bill into a half. This is important for energy saving at home and for resources conservation of the resources in the environment.

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These Days

What Fitness Apps Are Most Trending These Days?

You do not necessarily need to attend fitness classes in order to maintain a healthy body. It is possible for you to develop personal training schedules which will be suitable and convenient for you. Currently, different apps have been developed to enhance individuals to engage in fitness practices. These apps are compatible with different mobile devices such smartphones or tablets. Therefore, they can be used at any place and at any time without any chances of inconvenience.

Different Fitness Apps commonly used Today

With the amount of time that you spend daily on your phone, you can seek to benefit from it through installing different fitness apps. These apps will help you to lead a healthier as well as a happier life. These include:

1) Couch to 5K

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis is an app than allows you to make regular running schedules to enhance your body fitness. The app allows you to create eight-week programs with different workouts per week or per every three weeks. It outlines the practices that should be carried out during the running schedules and the intensity that should be emphasized as the programs advance.

2) Zoombies, Run!

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis app integrates running for physical fitness with fun. It enhances you to effect running in your daily activities such as attending the market, playgrounds, and other places while running at different speeds. The app comes with missions such as different tasks allocated to you by the military base such as collecting different materials from the camp and ensuring human safety from zombies’ attacks.

Therefore, you have to be fast in order to accomplish your mission. At the same time, you need to be geared in order to accomplish different tasks. While trying to accomplish this, you benefit through different physical activities.

3) Fitnet

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThe app contains different workout programs. These include 5-10 minute exercises with different activities. Also, the app connects with the camera so as to enhance recording of the activities that are taken every scheduled time. Therefore, it allows you to set different targets for your physical fitness.

4) Runkeeper

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysWith runkeeper app, you can use your device’s GPS to log the running pace and distance that you take through different routes. The app notifies you when you increase pace and when you exceed or limit the previous distances covered. With its music-running integration, the app keeps you in the moods to run an extra mile and at an extra pace.

5) Srava Running and Cycling GPS

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis app also connects with device’s GPS in order to track the distance as well as the pace used while running or cycling. It challenges you to increase pace through encouraging you as per the pace that you are on.

6) Argus

What Fitness Apps are Most Trending These DaysThis app monitors sleep behavior, the pulse rate, body calories, and other aspects. Therefore, it keeps you within the limit by notifying you when you are about to cross the limitations. The app recommends exercises or other practices that you should take in order to correct the situation.


There are numerous fitness apps available today. Most of these apps can be downloaded and installed for free from the App Market or from Google Play. Since there are numerous apps-compatible devices today, it is easily possible to benefit from these apps in order to keep our bodies fit.

Ways to Burn Fat Without Supplements

Ways to Burn Fat Without Supplements

Body weight is crucial to a person’s self-image and self-esteem. A number of people who struggle with body weight also struggle with their self-esteem. Such people engage in various activities in hopes of losing the excess fat.

Other people drain their financial resources as they buy one supplement after another. They do this in hope that the supplements will help them to shed the extra fat. This can make you end up broke and frustrated when these supplements fail to help them achieve their ideal weight. The good news is that there are some other ways one can burn the excess fat without using the supplements.

Fasted Training

Ways to Burn Fat Without SupplementsFasted training means, exercising when the insulin level in the blood is low or at its normal level. Immediately after eating, the blood sugar increases as the process of food absorption occurs. At this moment when insulin is high, the process of burning fat does not occur. Therefore, even if you exercise, you are likely to use the energy produced by the recently processed food instead of burning fat.

Training in the fasted state when the insulin levels are low increases the process of burning fat. According to some experts and trainers, during the fasted state, the blood flow to the abdominal areas is usually increased. This leads to more breakdown of fats around the belly area.

Eat Slowly

Eating slowly is an excellent way to lose weight without dieting. When you eat fast, the brain takes longer to register satiation which leads one to overeat. However, when one slows down their rate of eating, savoring each bite, the brain registers satiation faster. This helps one to eat fewer amounts of calories.

Take More Vegetables in every Meal

Increase the ratio of vegetables in all your meals. Vegetables contain fiber, which is not stored in the body. Therefore, eating more vegetable in every meal makes one reduce the number of calorie intake. This also involves cutting down on meals that are have saturated fat and calorie. Some of these meals include fries, bacon and such.

Reduce the amount of sugar intake

Ways to Burn Fat Without SupplementsSome people are addicted to taking sugar, concentrated drinks such as soft drinks. In the quest to shed the excess fat, one should reduce and if possible stop taking the soft drinks, energy drinks and the sugary sports drinks. These drinks contain high calories, which end up being stored in the body.

Engage In a Physically Engaging Hobby

In this digital generation, it is common to engage in hobbies such as online gaming, chatting, playing poker, watching football and so on. These kinds of activities are not physically engaging and also encourage one to snack more frequently. These activities result in an increase in body weight.

Instead, one should take up a physically engaging hobby. Such a hobby could be playing football instead of just watching the game. Swimming could also help one lose the excess fat. One could also come up with a schedule in which one can be taking regular walks or jogging at a certain time of the day.


Another relatively new method to burn the excess fat without using supplements is Reflexology. Even if this method doesn’t have a lot of scientific backing, it has become very popular in the present day. The practitioners identify certain pressure points on the foot. They use these pressure points to trigger certain responses in the body which induce weight loss.

Therefore, give your finances a break and take to an alternative that will help you achieve your ideal weight. This will result in improved health and self- image.

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at Home

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at Home?

Storing your gun in a gun safe safeguards it from access by the kids and from burglary. At the same time, it allows you to quickly access your gun during emergency cases. However, the location where you install a gun safe is important in ensuring protection and quick access.

Different Places to Install Gun Safe at Home

Before deciding on where to install a gun safe, it is important to determine factors such as accessibility and safety as well as size, color, and the shape of gun safe. There are many different aspects to keep in mind when choosing a gun safe so we advice for you to read about the best gun safes to make sure you make the right choice. There are also factors to consider when it comes to material and thickness which is important. This list of gun safe reviews contains some of the best gun safes available for different uses so I recommend that you read well over it and send in your questions if you have any to make the choice easy for you. This will enhance you to properly ensure your security and that of your property as well as the safety of your gun.

1) Under the Bed

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeBurglary, robbery, and attacks by wild animals normally take place more times during the nighttime than during the daytime. Therefore, many people prefer fitting their gun safe under the bed.

This enhances easy and quick access of the gun once an individual detects sounds or movement inside the house. However, under the bed location is only limited to small-size gun safes which can fit between the bed edges and between the bed and the floor.

2) The Home Office

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeMostly, home offices are limited to access by children and visitors. Therefore, it presents an effective location to fit a gun safe and to ensure the safety of your gun. It is a secure place where you can input the pin or the fingerprints without fear of unintended view.

Sometimes, individuals prefer storing the guns inside the drawers in their home office desks. However, for effective safety of the gun, ensure that you install a gun safe. Also, lock the home office to prevent others from learning where you always hide your gun.

3) Basement

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeThe basement provides a safe place to install a gun safe. This might be in the bedroom, sitting room, dining room, or any other place in the house. Preferably, you may consider installing the gun safe in a place covered by a carpet, tiles, or a rug.

This will help to cover the area which was dismantled during the installation process. Therefore, burglars, children, or even the visitors cannot easily suspect about the location of the gun safe. However, ensure that the place is easy to access in case of emergency security demands.

4) In the Wall

What Are the Best Places to Install Gun Safe at HomeIn-wall gun safe fitting is the most common way to install a gun safe at home. It caters for factors such as easy installation, easy access, and gun safety enhancement. Mostly, gun safes come with measurements which should be used while cutting the wall and fitting them inside.

Thus, this makes the task easy. At the same time, others are easily customized to suit the color or designation of the wall. This prevents chances of unintended view by burglars, children, or the visitors.


Normally, it is advisable to decide on where to install a gun safe and to install it prior to buying a gun. This enhances you to buy and hide your gun without the notice of your children or visitors. Burglars may break into any house in search of guns or gun safes. Having a safe location to install your gun safe is the best way to ensure your security and that of your gun at home.

Why Should Society Prefer Efficient Ceiling Fan

Why Should Society Prefer Efficient Ceiling Fan?

There are numerous benefits associated with efficient ceiling fan. Mostly, efficient ceiling fans are used during the summer and during the winter seasons for the purposes of cooling or warming a room.

However, they can be used effectively to enhance room lighting and also to decorate a room or the interior of a house. Efficient ceiling fans are known for their ability to save energy used at home. What are the Benefits of Efficient Ceiling Fan to the Society?

Efficient ceiling fans have been introduced to help the society to lead energy efficient and a pocket-friendly life. These ceiling fans are enhanced with different power saving designs which results to an enormous conservation of energy and resources at household as well as societal levels.

1) Effective in Warming a Room

Why Should Society Prefer Efficient Ceiling FanThe efficient ceiling fans are capable of distributing air throughout the room. They allow air to move from one place to another. This prevents air concentration in one area. At the same time, this allows hot air to move from the top to the bottom part of a room.

This is effective in warming a room by sharing the warmth available in one part of the room. Mostly, individuals use the energy efficient fans during winter seasons to enhance warmth distribution during this cold season.

2) Helps in Preventing Diseases Spreading and Intensity

Efficient ceiling fans are effective in allowing the flow of air throughout as well as in and out of a room. Therefore, they prevent the build-up of air saturated with stuffiness and exhaled gases in a room. Please visit the Ceiling Fan Comparison for a full list of benefits and ceiling fan reviews.

This is essential in preventing the spread up of diseases such as TB and asthma. At the same time, it helps in controlling the intensity of conditions such as asthma and allergic conditions. Thus, efficient ceiling fans are important for good health of the community members.

3) For Room Versatility and Illumination

Why Should Society Prefer Efficient Ceiling FanEfficient ceiling fans are effective in enhancing illumination of light from the bulbs. Additionally, some efficient ceiling fans are designed with energy efficient lighters that produce immense light.

Therefore, they provide a room with layered lighting. This is effective in causing illumination in a room by increasing the amount of light inside. At the same time, it helps in making fewer bulbs fitted in a room to produce effective light for the entire room.

4) For Room Decoration

Nowadays, efficient ceiling fans are made with layered and flower designs. These designs are being used to beautify the interior of a house. At the same time, the ability to illuminate the light produced from bulbs or other light sources in a room makes a room to be more beautiful.

5) Lowering Energy Cost

Efficient ceiling fan have emerged as one of the effective ways to save energy. Firstly, through light illumination, they discourage a homeowner from installing numerous bulbs in different places of the room.Secondly, by distributing warmth in a room, they help in lowering the cost of warming a room. Lastly, efficient ceiling fans use little energy to control the quality of air inside a room.


With the era of energy efficiency with us today, it is wise to install home appliances that will enhance you to conserve resources as well as control the utilization of energy domestically. Installing efficient ceiling fans is one of the most recent ways to ensure effective energy saving at your home.